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I am a large, overweight pile of crap. You can read about me here: Turd.



You will notice that I have blocked you. We have received a complaint from a user that your contributions are not appropriate, and looking at them, I am inclined to agree. I am blocking rather than merely reverting and informing you because at least one of your changes has been reverted before.

I have blocked you for a period of three days. If you are serious about contributing, I suggest you use the time to browse around and look at properly formatted entries, and also to read WS:CFI, our criteria for inclusion, and WS:ELE, the page that explains the proper formatting. We also have a variety of other help for newcomers. After three days, you are welcome to ask questions on my user talk page (that's the tab marked "discussion"), and I will do my best to answer. We do welcome serious contributions from anyone.

You may put pretty much whatever you wish on your user page. The rest of Wiktionary is intended to be a scholarly, NPOV reference work, free of personal matter. --Dvortygirl 03:56, 26 August 2005 (UTC)

This is my comment on this user's actions on rfd a few days ago, it mysteriously vanished from there though:
I reverted all the entries ModusPonens touched and am deleting all the new entries he/she created. If several entries create vandalims and oddities, then all is suspect from then on.
        +       To ModusPonens: There is no reason to share accounts with anybody, not even younger siblings. Get your own account and try again. If the content smells funny, it will be deleted and reverted again though. Zero tolerance. Polyglot 06:54, 25 August 2005 (UTC)
This was the user's answer:

It is utterly unfair to delete all entries that I created without first evaluating their content and/or taking a vote for deletion. You are not harming me by rashly deleting multiple entries; you are harming Wiktionary.

        +       What I propose to do is this... first, delete (____(_____). It is inappropriate and is not a word. Then, let's examine any problems that you may have with my other entries. I note that "Yehudi" and "Poodoo" were removed without fair trial. Both of these are legitimate entires. I have re-created "Yehudi"; if you want to contest it, then you may raise a vote for deletion and/or let the admins decide. I will let "Poodoo" go since it is a term from the  Star Wars  films and not part of our lexicon. I note that other Star Wars words are in Wiktionary, however, so is this simply bias against my entry or is there another reason for the removal of "Poodoo?" The fact that it sounds funny is not an excuse for deleting it.
My take on this: unfair or not. This user has been vandalising other people's pages. I don't think it's worth our time to try and evaluate if somewhere there is some little bit that might have some value, so I went wholesale on everything that was contributed.
To be honest, I think this is just another tactic of our AP vandal to waste our time and resources. The remark on top of this talk page and his user page give him away. Everybody who manages to smell like our AP vandal deserves drastic measures to be taken, so that's what I did. Polyglot 08:41, 26 August 2005 (UTC)


PLEASE read how to format entries. Why are Fu Manchu and Talmud plural ?? —This unsigned comment was added by SemperBlotto (talkcontribs) at 18:46, 29 August 2005.


You have made a handful of edits that seem legitimate, and many more that are just nuisances requiring cleanup or reversion. Once again, if you wish to contribute to Wiktionary, please do it in an appropriate manner, following the guidelines of the community. Take the time to learn how to format an article, and give neutral point of view a try. If we have to revert you again, we will consider it vandalism and extend the block indefinitely. --Dvortygirl 02:42, 6 November 2005 (UTC)