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Template Audio[edit]

Template:Audio links to an audio file for quick listening. It is meant to be used inline with text, for pronounciations and the like. To apply it in an article use the following:

{{Audio|<name of sound file>|<text to use as link to soundfile>|lang=<language code>}}

For instance, {{audio|En-us-Bhojpuri.ogg|Bhojpuri|lang=en}}is rendered something like this:




This template was adapted from similar one on Wikipedia.

Region codes[edit]

The region codes are optional (i.e. -us- and -uk-) . It depends on what you've done with the file. If the pronunciations are significantly different, then it would be prudent to put -us- or -uk- in the name of the file when you upload it.

Sound pronunciation[edit]

Are there any articles with sound pronunciation for the word? Is it possible for myself to record and submit a word pronunciation?

Yes; any article on this list (of articles that reference Template:audio) has a pronunciation; given the poor state of the links table lately there's probably a lot more. (There are not too many yet though, as the enthusiasm for this is still new). It's possible for anyone to record and submit pronunciations of words, but don't upload them here: they belong on commons: so all the wiktionaries can use them. For details see Commons:Pronunciation files requests.