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Overview: AutoWikiBrowser (also AWB) is a semi-automated MediaWiki editor that simplifies and speeds up tedious repetitive tasks. One of its functions is that of a browser that automatically opens up a new page when the last page is saved. It can be enabled to suggest some changes—typically formatting—that are generally meant to be incidental to the main change. Another thing it can do is find all entries that contain a string or a pattern of regular expression.

Setting AutoWikiBrowser for Wiktionary can be done in the menu Options → Preferences …, in the tab Site, by setting the field Project to “wiktionary”.

To use AutoWikiBrowser, you must request an admin to add you to Wiktionary:AutoWikiBrowser/CheckPageJSON, for instance by posting in the Beer Parlour.

If you don't have Windows or don't want to install a program, you can use JavaScript Wiki Browser (JWB), which requires the same permissions as AWB.

On Wiktionary


In general, any experienced, known user with one or more smallish tasks will be added with no trouble; if you need to do a lot (1000's) make a bot account and ask for approval (mostly just so it doesn't flood RC, etc). In that case you will probably be much happier if you learn to use the Python wikipediabot framework.

Make sure you have "mark all edits minor by default" in your preferences.

Do NOT enable "Apply General Fixes" or "RegexTypoFix"!! Keep in mind that there are lots of English Wikipedia conventions built in in various ways that aren't relevant to the Wiktionary. The Unicodify option is fine as character references are generally discourage since they hinder the search functioning (show non-NFC Unicode characters using {{HTML char}} and AWB doesn't convert references for [ ] { } | since it allows working around wikimedia parsing issues).

It is okay to run it in "automatic" if you are doing something simple and watching it, set it to show differences and you can relax and drink your tea while watching it run. If you are not using a bot account, it is best not to disable the "with AWB" added to the edit summary.

Always ask if you are not sure, someone will be glad to help!

Copy of text from Wikipedia


The following is a copy of the AWB CheckPage text from Wikipedia, so most links, etc go there. The guide is mostly good advice, but was not written for Wiktionary.

AutoWikiBrowser -


General information about AutoWikiBrowser and directions for installation.

Request approval

Request approval to be added to the CheckPage to use AutoWikiBrowser.


Discuss the application and ask questions.


Report bugs in the application.

Feature Requests

Request new features to be implemented into AWB

User manual

The full user manual.

Developer Talk Page · Typos · User talk templates · Plugins · IRCMonitor · Projects which have used AWB · Changelog · AWB Sandbox  · Settings  · Custom Modules  · WikiFunctions.dll



This list is only for the English Wiktionary, approval is not always needed on other projects. If you want to be registered to use this software, add your name to the bottom of the list on the talk page. Any admin can add any user to the list of enabled users. Before using this software, please ensure you are familiar with Wiktionary policies/guidelines, particularly the bot policy and the very simple rules of use:

  • Check every edit before you save it.
  • Don't edit too fast; consider opening a bot account if you are regularly making more than a few edits a minute.
  • Don't do anything controversial with it.
  • Avoid making insignificant minor edits such as only adding or removing some white space.
  • Abide by all Wiktionary guidelines, policies and common practices.
  • Do not edit merely to increase your edit count.

Repeated abuse of these rules will result, without warning, in the software being disabled.

For security reasons, users who have a history of vandalism or being blocked for similar reasons will likely not be accepted to use the software. The software may also be disabled if the user is blocked for vandalism or disruption.

Except in unusual circumstances, users with fewer than 500 edits in the article namespace will not be added to the list. You can check your edit count through this tool. If you have under 500 edits and would like to use AWB for a specific reason, please list that reason when you request access.

Also, to reduce bureaucracy, you will not be notified when/if you are added to the list of enabled users. (Instead, keep this page on your watchlist; when you see your name has been added, you should find you are able to use AutoWikiBrowser).

This tool is designed for experienced users to quickly perform specific repetitive tedious tasks. If you don't have a specific need for this then please do not request access for its use. Thank you. (If you're looking for a specific use, typo fixing is always a good place to start.)

Accounts listed under the bots heading have AutoWikiBrowser's automatic mode enabled. Not all bots utilize automatic mode; those that do not are not listed under bots.

Once you have read this guide, if you would still like to request approval to use AutoWikiBrowser, make a request here.

Please do not change the format of this list. AutoWikiBrowser looks for bullet-pointed lists, and thus it must be formatted as * <username>.

See also w:Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/CheckPage/Version.

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