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Possible Counter vandalism tasks to be done by a bot:

  1. Patrolling.
    - would patrol users who have been whitelisted, clearing the way for humans to patrol only those we don't know well or who have been troublesome in the past.
    - could keep track of old edits which haven't been patrolled, alerting based on volume or other such, who knows where this could go.
    - patrol multiple edits to a page to which a later revision has already been marked as partolled.
  2. Revert.
    - blanking by non-trusted user.
    - large probable spam (regex for URLs, repeated characters, vulgar words, etc.)
    - hidden additions (<!-- blah --> and <invisible> blah </invisible>
  3. Block.
    - autoblocking based on username ( X on wheels, *Jimbo*Wales*, TheDaveRóss, etc.)
    - automated OP blocker