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For discussion

  • channel:#wiktionary on server:irc.freenode.net is for general chat and (sometimes topical) discussion.
  • channel:#wiktionary-gfdl on server:irc.freenode.net is publicly logged. The logs are published under the GFDL but are not currently available.

For monitoring

  • channel:#en.wiktionary on server:irc.wikimedia.org (browne.wikimedia.org) contains all recent changes, as they happen.
  • channel:#cvn-wt-en on server:irc.freenode.net contains only the suspicious recent changes.

Further Information

If you want to chat with other Wiktionary users, you may find some of them at #Wiktionary. Feel free to pop in and say hello; there is normally someone who will answer. If no-one does, it is probably because they are all away or asleep. Remember that everyone is in different timezones, so try again after a couple of hours.

In order to access these channels, you will need an IRC client. Some of the more popular ones are ChatZilla and mIRC, though there are many others. If you don't wish to install a client, then you can get to the channels through webchat.freenode.net

#wiktionary-gfdl has its logs published under the GFDL and so discussion there should remain on topic. Often, if a discussion on #wiktionary seems to be getting important and involved, the participants will migrate to #wiktionary-gfdl so that they can refer to the discussion, should the need to arise later.

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