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Discord is a freeware chat application available for PC and mobile platforms. The application was initially released on 6 March 2015.

On 31 January 2018, PseudoSkull started an unofficial English Wiktionary Discord server. This server is a secondary environment for quick communication between Wiktionary users. The server itself is not in any way affiliated with Wiktionary or the Wikimedia Foundation.

Anyone can join the Discord server by clicking on the button below. Feel free to pop in and say hello; there is normally someone who will answer. If no one does, it is probably because they are all away or asleep. Remember that everyone is in different timezones, so please be patient.

Join us!


Discord is a fairly informal environment, but rules of basic decency do apply. Inappropriate behavior to an extreme may result in being kicked or banned from the server. Bans on the server do not necessarily translate to bans on the wiki, and likewise in the opposite direction. Please note that this is the server for the English Wiktionary, and thus discussion of other Wiktionaries is also not preferred.

Anyone with administrator rights on Wiktionary can be given the administrator role on the server.


There are currently twenty-six channels on the server; six general channels (excluding #bot-spam and #wiki-auth-log) and several other channels focused on the study of specific language families.

The general channels include:

  • #general - This is used for general discussion.
  • #grease-pit - The purpose of this channel is the same as that of Wiktionary:Grease pit: to discuss technical matters.
  • #information-desk - The purpose of this channel is the same as the information desk already at Wiktionary, where any sort of help with Wiktionary-related matters can be requested.
  • #admin-and-bot-help - This is a channel where the services of those with special tools or privileges can be requested.
  • #vandalism - Used to track vandals so that they can be dispatched.
  • #linguistics - Used for discussing general linguistics, not particularly any language or family.
  • There is also one voice channel.

The #bot-spam and #wiki-auth-log channels are for linking one's wiki account to the Discord account. The process consists in going to #bot-spam and typing /auth. The authentication log is then automatically posted to #wiki-auth-log.

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