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These are the rules concerning transliteration in Kannada entries.

General rules[edit]

  • The transliteration scheme described here is the "scientific" transliteration scheme. It is used for all Kannada words on the English Wiktionary.
  • Transliterations should be entirely in lowercase; don't attempt to apply English capitalization rules to Kannada transliterations.
  • Diacritics remain basically intact; Kannada dots above and below, and lines above, become Latin dots above and below, and lines above.
  • If you are not sure of the right transliteration, you can use {{attention|kn}} to attract the attention of a more experienced Kannada editor.


‎(a) ‎(ā) ‎(i) ‎(ī) ‎(u) ‎(ū) ‎() ‎() ‎(e) ‎(ē) ‎(ai) ‎(o) ‎(ō) ‎(au) ‎(ka) ‎(kha) ‎(ga) ‎(gha) ‎(nga) ‎(ca) ‎(cha) ‎(ja) ‎(jha) ‎(ña) ‎(ṭa) ‎(ṭha) ‎(ḍa) ‎(ḍha) ‎(ṇa) ‎(ta) ‎(tha) ‎(da) ‎(dha) ‎(na) ‎(pa) ‎(pha) ‎(ba) ‎(bha) ‎(ma) ‎(ya) ‎(ra) ‎(ṟa) ‎(la) ‎(ḷa) ‎(va) ‎(śa) ‎(ṣa) ‎(sa) ‎(ha) ‎(r̥̄) ‎(l̥̄) ‎(ḻa)
a ā i ī u ū e ē ai o ō au k kh g gh c ch j jh ñ ṭh ḍh t th d dh n p ph b bh m y r l v ś s h r̥̄ l̥̄