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These are the rules concerning transliteration in Kannada entries.

General rules[edit]

  • The transliteration scheme described here is the "scientific" transliteration scheme. It is used for all Kannada words on the English Wiktionary.
  • Transliterations should be entirely in lowercase; don't attempt to apply English capitalization rules to Kannada transliterations.
  • Diacritics remain basically intact; Kannada dots above and below, and lines above, become Latin dots above and below, and lines above.
  • If you are not sure of the right transliteration, you can use {{attention|kn}} to attract the attention of a more experienced Kannada editor.


(a) (ā) (i) (ī) (u) (ū) () () (e) (ē) (ai) (o) (ō) (au) (ka) (kha) (ga) (gha) (ṅa) (ca) (cha) (ja) (jha) (ña) (ṭa) (ṭha) (ḍa) (ḍha) (ṇa) (ta) (tha) (da) (dha) (na) (pa) (pha) (ba) (bha) (ma) (ya) (ra) (ṟa) (la) (ḷa) (va) (śa) (ṣa) (sa) (ha) (r̥̄) (l̥̄) (ḻa)
a ā i ī u ū e ē ai o ō au k kh g gh c ch j jh ñ ṭh ḍh t th d dh n p ph b bh m y r l v ś s h r̥̄ l̥̄