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Bug # Title Creation date
468 Preceding text and single apostrophes are not included in links 2004-09-12
11127 Add language independent linktrail for Wiktionary 2007-08-30
14439 Undo should auto-patrol reverted revisions, like a rollback does 2008-06-06
13228 Adding custom inter-namespace tabs 2008-03-02
16561 Make links to nonexisting sections being easy distinguishable 2008-12-04

Site configuration[edit]

Bug # Title Creation date
28612 creation of a new group "autopatrolled" for greek wiktionary 2011-04-19


See also Bugzilla report with "Wiktionary" keyword
Bug # Title Creation date
6575 need way to have header not be in table of contents 2006-07-06
6808 Allow import to different page name 2006-07-24
8697 Provide "mark these n changes as patrolled" button 2007-01-19
9890 Reasonably efficient interwiki transclusion 2007-05-13
18861 Search should index template expansion 2009-05-21
11415 __EDITPARENTSECTION__ 2007-09-21
21867 Mobile should support wiktionary and other foundation wikis 2009-12-16
708 Interproject links 2004-10-13
10237 #ifexist for interwiki links 2007-06-13
11996 A way to select which parts of articles to show 2007-11-16
11998 A way to show only the few languages a user is interested in 2007-11-16
12377 Languages preferences 2007-12-22
12213 Following a link to a language entry should display only that entry 2007-12-05
12212 When viewing a single language entry show only categories for that language 2007-12-05
11 Red interwiki links -- check for page existence across wikis 2004-08-10

New extensions[edit]

Bug # Title Creation date
11794 Install DidYouMean extension on the English Wiktionary 2007-10-28
22928 Enable NaturalLanguageList Extension on WMF wikis 2010-03-23
20246 Install Extension:Transliterator on fr and en.wiktionary 2009-08-14