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These are the rules concerning transliteration in Middle Persian entries.

Pahlavi scripts[edit]

Pahlavi scripts letters
Book Pahlavi
ʾ (aleph) 𐡀 𐭀 𐭠 (aleph) (aleph)
b (bet) 𐡁 𐭁 𐭡 (bet) (bet)
g (gimel) 𐡂 𐭂 𐭢 (gimel) (gimel)
d (dalet) 𐡃 𐭃 𐭣 (dalet) = g
h (he) 𐡄 𐭄 𐭤 (he) (he) = (mem) + (waw)
w (waw) 𐡅 𐭅 𐭥 (waw) (waw)
z (zayin) 𐡆 𐭆 𐭦 (zayin) (zayin)
ḥ (heth) 𐡇 𐭇 𐭧 (heth) = ʾ
ṭ (teth) 𐡈 𐭈 𐭨 — —
y (yodh) 𐡉 𐭉 𐭩 (yodh) = g
k (kaph) 𐡊 𐭊 𐭪 (kaph) (kaph), [(kaph2)]
l (lamedh) 𐡋 𐭋 𐭫 (lamedh) (lamedh), [(lamedh2)]
m (mem) 𐡌 𐭌 𐭬 (mem) (mem)
n (nun) 𐡍 𐭍 𐭭 (nun) = w
s (samekh) 𐡎 𐭎 𐭮 (samekh) (samekh)
ʿ (ayin) 𐡏 = r = w = w = w
p (pe) 𐡐 𐭐 𐭯 (pe) (pe)
ṣ (tsade) 𐡑 𐭑 𐭰 (tsade) (tsade)
q (qoph) 𐡒 𐭒 = m = m = m
r (resh) 𐡓 𐭓 = w = w = w
š (shin) 𐡔 𐭔 𐭱 (shin) (shin)
t (taw) 𐡕 𐭕 𐭲 (taw) (taw)

Inscriptional Pahlavi[edit]

Transliteration of Inscriptional Pahlavi
Letter In Iranian words In arameograms
Transliteration Transcription Transliteration
Wikt. Other Wikt. Other
𐭠 ʾ ' (null), ā, a A
𐭡 b b B
𐭢 g g G
𐭣 d d, y D
𐭤 — E H
𐭥 w w, ō, ū, (o), u W
— O ʿ
r r R
𐭦 z z Z
𐭧 h ḥ h, x H Ḥ
𐭨 — Ṭ
𐭩 y y, j, ē, ī, (e), i Y
' y (null) '
𐭪 k g, k K
𐭫 l r, l L
𐭬 m m M
— Q
𐭭 n n N
𐭮 s s, h S
𐭯 p p, f P
𐭰 c ṣ č, z, j C Ṣ
𐭱 š š, j Š
𐭲 t d, t T

Book Pahlavi[edit]

The transliteration system used in Wiktionary is based on the system given in the "Introduction" of David Neil MacKenzie's A Concise Pahlavi Dictionary. Some corrupt forms are missing in this table, see MacKenzie for more.

Transliteration of Book Pahlavi
Letter In Iranian words In arameograms As corrupted form
Wikt. Other Transcription Wikt. Other Iran. Aram.
(aleph) ʾ ' (null), ā, a A
h ḥ h, x H Ḥ
(bet) b b B ḡ, ḏ, ȳ
(gimel) g g G ḇ, ẕ, ḵ Ḇ, Ẕ, Ḵ
d d, y D
y y, j, ē, ī, e, i Y
(he) (mem) + (waw); see (mem) and (waw). E H
(waw) w w, ō, ū, o, u W
n n N
— O ʿ
r r R
' (null) '
(zayin) z z Z Ḡ, Ḏ, Ȳ
(kaph) k g, k K
(kaph2) k γ γ K
(lamedh) l r, l L
(lamedh2) l ƚ l L Ƚ
(mem) m m M
— Q
(samekh) s s, h S
(pe) p p, f P
(tsade) c ṣ č, z, j C Ṣ p̄ P̱
(shin) Å¡ Å¡, j Å 
(taw) t d, t T D̲R̲

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