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These are the rules concerning transliteration in Middle Persian entries.

Pahlavi scripts[edit]

Pahlavi scripts letters
Book Pahlavi
ʾ (aleph) 𐡀 𐭀 𐭠 (aleph) (aleph)
b (bet) 𐡁 𐭁 𐭡 (bet) (bet)
g (gimel) 𐡂 𐭂 𐭢 (gimel) (gimel)
d (dalet) 𐡃 𐭃 𐭣 (dalet) = g
h (he) 𐡄 𐭄 𐭤 (he) (he) = (mem) + (waw)
w (waw) 𐡅 𐭅 𐭥 (waw) (waw)
z (zayin) 𐡆 𐭆 𐭦 (zayin) (zayin)
ḥ (heth) 𐡇 𐭇 𐭧 (heth) = ʾ
ṭ (teth) 𐡈 𐭈 𐭨 — —
y (yodh) 𐡉 𐭉 𐭩 (yodh) = g
k (kaph) 𐡊 𐭊 𐭪 (kaph) (kaph), [(kaph2)]
l (lamedh) 𐡋 𐭋 𐭫 (lamedh) (lamedh), [(lamedh2)]
m (mem) 𐡌 𐭌 𐭬 (mem) (mem)
n (nun) 𐡍 𐭍 𐭭 (nun) = w
s (samekh) 𐡎 𐭎 𐭮 (samekh) (samekh)
ʿ (ayin) 𐡏 = r = w = w = w
p (pe) 𐡐 𐭐 𐭯 (pe) (pe)
ṣ (tsade) 𐡑 𐭑 𐭰 (tsade) (tsade)
q (qoph) 𐡒 𐭒 = m = m = m
r (resh) 𐡓 𐭓 = w = w = w
š (shin) 𐡔 𐭔 𐭱 (shin) (shin)
t (taw) 𐡕 𐭕 𐭲 (taw) (taw)

Inscriptional Pahlavi[edit]

Transliteration of Inscriptional Pahlavi
Letter In Iranian words In arameograms
Transliteration Transcription Transliteration
Wikt. Other Wikt. Other
𐭠 ʾ ' (null), ā, a A
𐭡 b b B
𐭢 g g G
𐭣 d d, y D
𐭤 — E H
𐭥 w w, ō, ū, (o), u W
— O ʿ
r r R
𐭦 z z Z
𐭧 h ḥ h, x H Ḥ
𐭨 — Ṭ
𐭩 y y, j, ē, ī, (e), i Y
' y (null) '
𐭪 k g, k K
𐭫 l r, l L
𐭬 m m M
— Q
𐭭 n n N
𐭮 s s, h S
𐭯 p p, f P
𐭰 c ṣ č, z, j C Ṣ
𐭱 š š, j Š
𐭲 t d, t T

Book Pahlavi[edit]

Transliteration of Book Pahlavi
Letter In Iranian words In arameograms As corrupted form
Wikt. Other Transcription Wikt. Other Iran. Aram.
(aleph) ʾ ' (null), ā, a A
h ḥ h, x H Ḥ
(bet) b b B ḡ, ḏ, ȳ
(gimel) g g G ḇ, ẕ, ḵ Ḇ, Ẕ, Ḵ
d d, y D
y y, j, ē, ī, e, i Y
(he) (mem) + (waw); see (mem) and (waw). E H
(waw) w w, ō, ū, o, u W
n n N
— O ʿ
r r R
' (null) '
(zayin) z z Z Ḡ, Ḏ, Ȳ
(kaph) k g, k K
(kaph2) k γ γ K
(lamedh) l r, l L
(lamedh2) l ƚ l L Ƚ
(mem) m m M
— Q
(samekh) s s, h S
(pe) p p, f P
(tsade) c ṣ č, z, j C Ṣ p̄ P̱
(shin) Å¡ Å¡, j Å 
(taw) t d, t T D̲R̲

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