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Replacement filing cabinet.svg This page is no longer active. It is being kept for historical interest.
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  • Why the Policy Initiative?
Wiktionary, as it stands, lacks any official policies. This is problematic for many reasons, it makes the jobs of the sysops more difficult, makes it more difficult for editors to know what is and isn't acceptable, and leads to a very large ammount of uncertainty and lately, argument. This initiative's purpose is to clarify our policies, record them in written form, then promote them to official policy status. The goal is simple, with a clearer set of guidelines, there will be less guesswork and more consistancy in decision making by the sysops, as well as clear and definite rules to point editors at.
NO = No policy RJ = Rejected DRAFT = Drafted policy TT = Think tank SO = Semi-official OF = Official policy


Policy Page Status Description
Policies and guidelines SO Policy regarding policy and general decorum on Wiktionary.
Why create an account? TT -
Case sensitivity DRAFT -


Policy Page Status Description
Assume good faith DRAFT Our own take on the “assume good faith” principle. (suggestions from WT:BP#Wiktionary:Assume good faith incorporated, awaiting additional feedback)
Blocking policy SO Whom to block, for what, and how long.
Civility DRAFT -
Dispute resolution TT -
No personal attacks DRAFT -
Protection policy RJ/NO Policy describing the reasons and durations for page protection.
Three-revert rule RJ -
Vandalism DRAFT -


Policy Page Status Description
Criteria for inclusion SO -
Translations TT -
Obsolete and archaic terms DRAFT -
Page deletion guidelines SO -
Policy - Abbreviations DRAFT -
Redirections TT -
Spelling variants in entry names DRAFT -
Transliteration DRAFT -
Usage notes TT -
Verifiability TT -


Policy Page Status Description
Be bold in updating pages TT -
Disambiguation in layout - Policy Think Tank TT -
Entry layout explained/POS headers TT -
Formatting Policy Proposal RJ -
Using templates TT -


Policy Page Status Description
WT:A NO Policy on adminship.
WT:B NO Policy on Bureaucrats.
WT:BOT SO Policy on Bot status and the running of bots.
WT:CU TT Policy on CheckUser.


Policy Page Status Description
US v UK SO Policy defining the stance on which English language set to use.
Multiple Genders TT Policy on handling languages with multiple genders.
Chinese TT -
Japanese TT -
Latin TT -
Czech TT -