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see Category:IPA pronunciations with invalid IPA characters


The following entries contain the obsolete / deprecated IPA characters ʤ (should be d͡ʒ, except: in Rhymes sections), ʦ (should be t͡s, except in Rhymes sections), ʧ (should be t͡ʃ, except in Rhymes sections), ʣ (should be d͡z, except in Rhymes sections), ʥ, ʨ. The original list was compiled using a Perl script based on the ones Ruakh used here and here; the updated list was compiled using AWB. (Feel free to add entries which contain other obsolete characters.)

to skip[edit]

It is OK entries like these to contain obsolete characters:

  1. ʧ
  2. ʤ
  3. ʨ
  4. tesh
  5. dezh
  6. ts
  7. ʦ
  8. ʣ
  9. ƾ

to do[edit]