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Translation into lemma only[edit]

  • Voting on: Clarifying WT:ELE with respect to translations into lemma forms
    WT:ELE#Translation dos and don'ts does not state the forms to use in translation tables. Some editors give more than just the lemma form of translated adjectives. This vote proposes to add the following to WT:ELE#Translation dos and don'ts immediately before “Do provide the grammatical gender of the translations of nouns, if appropriate, giving the parameters m, f, n and c for "masculine", "feminine", "neuter" and "common" respectively to {{t}}.”:
    • For nouns, do translate only the English lemma form into the target language lemma form. If the target lemma is specific to one gender and the English noun is used for a gender different from that of the target lemma, provide a translation showing the non-lemma gender but linking to the lemma entry:
      * Spanish: {{t|es|chico|alt=chica|f}}
    • For other parts of speech (e.g. adjectives, adverbs, verbs), do translate only the English lemma form into only the lemma form for the target language.

  • Vote ends: 27 November 2007 23:59 UTC
  • Vote started: 28 October 2007 23:59 UTC