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Road map[edit]

I think right-hand side ToCs could be very beneficial to the average user. It does however cause layout problems with other right-hand side elements. Therefore I would support this proposal if care was taken to not "flip the switch" until the following issues were taken care of.

  1. There is a bot that moves stuff (generally {{wikipedia}} and images) from the header area into the first language section.
  2. On pages where the ToC pushes RHS elements so they don't float next to their associated sense, there should be easy ways to be able to inline the content. This type of layout decision would be made on a per-page basis. Sister projects links, can for instance, be moved into =See also= ({{wikipedia}}{{pedialite}}). Some RHS elements that we still have to work on, however, are:
    • Navigation templates (eg {{elements}} & {{cardinalbox}}). These should be able to go in =See also=, but the templates are not yet easily left-aligned. Ideally they could be amended so that an editor could just add a parameter such as align=inline and it looks fine left-aligned.
    • Examples (images, text, etc.). We don't yet know where to put them (this is why I started the example headers vote). Converting them is relatively easy (floating images/movies/sounds → galleries & text in {{examples-right}} → normal text)
    Some documentation would also have to be made so that medium-grade users would be able to handle these layout changes easily.
  3. Some general cleanup (no really a blocking problem, but should be taken care of). There are some Swedish conjugation templates that still need to be left-aligned and put under a separate header. Also there's many erroneous usages of {{-}}.
  4. There's a gadget so that a user can change back to left-align w/o having to use WT:PREFS.

I'm very much for this change, but I think the road map is not short. --Bequw¢τ 07:20, 17 January 2010 (UTC)

My thoughts[edit]

Sounds like a better idea than left floating, but it will also overlap into the first language section, which in many cases will be English. But that's better than what we have now IMO. RFV, RFC and RFD should also use TOC right. Mglovesfun (talk) 23:06, 24 January 2010 (UTC)