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Text proposed to be removed[edit]

In a previous version of this vote, I had proposed some text to be removed. I'm copying it here for later use.


While the information below may represent some kind of “standard” form, it is not a set of rigid rules. You may experiment with deviations, but other editors may find those deviations unacceptable, and revert those changes. They have just as much right to do that as you have to make them. Be ready to discuss those changes. If you want your way accepted, you have to make the case for that. Unless there is a good reason for deviating, the standard should be presumed correct. Refusing to discuss, or engaging in edit wars may also affect your credibility in other unrelated areas.



Variations for languages other than English

Entries for terms in other languages should follow the standard format as closely as possible regardless of the language of the word. However, a translation into English should normally be given instead of a definition, including a gloss to indicate which meaning of the English translation is intended. Also, the translations section should be omitted.

For languages written in other scripts (Japanese, Gothic, etc.), we have romanization systems in place. It is required that each romanization entry contain at least one definition line starting with "#" in the wikitext.[1]

Some languages do have characteristics that require variation from the standard format. For links to these variations see Wiktionary:Language considerations.


--Daniel Carrero (talk) 01:37, 17 January 2016 (UTC)