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Old French[edit]


abeïe f (oblique plural abeïes, nominative singular abeïe, nominative plural abeïes)

  1. Alternative form of abaie
    • circa 1110,, Benedeit, Le Voyage de saint Brandan:
      Le leu u il aler deient:
      Abeïe bele e bone
      The place to which they must go
      has a fine, beautiful abbey
    • 12th or 13th Century, author unknown, Du Segretain Moine:
      Quant li moigne de l'abeïe,
      orent chanté et dit complie,
      El dortor s'alerent couchier.
      When the monks of the abbey,
      Had sung and said their prayers,
      They went to sleep in theirs chambers.

Usage notes[edit]