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  1. (hypercorrect) plural of afficionado
    • 1981: Josep Díaz & Isidro Ramos, Formalization of Programming Concepts: International Colloquium: Peniscola, Spain, April 1981: Proceedings, pp147–148
      Stated succinctly, the position of the afficionadi of interleaving semantics seems to be as follows.
    • 2002, Paul Smith & Carolyn Wilde, A Companion to Art Theory, page 121:
      Virgil in particular was called to mind: the landscape at Stourhead was inflected so as to call to mind episodes from the Aeneid (Virgil’s account of the wanderings of Aeneas, from Troy to Rome) but for afficionadi of landscape his other poems had a more widespread influence.
    • 2002, John Elsner & Roger Cardinal, The Cultures of Collecting, page 214:
      Yet he sees such work as potentially crowd-pleasing or, more charitably perhaps, as being attractive to afficionadi of painterly technique.
    • 2003, Andreas Faludi & Bas Waterhout, The Making of the European Spatial Development Perspective: Essays in the Philosophy of Language, page VII:
      So an account of its making — its construction, to use a favourite word of Brussels afficionadi — is of great value: not only for planners, but more widely for any serious student of the processes of policy making and governance within the European Union.