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Scottish Gaelic[edit]


From Irish áinleóg ‎(swallow) (Middle Irish áilleóc ‎(swallow), see M.I. fainleóc ‎(swallow), dim. of fannall ‎(swallow))[1], Old Irish fannall ‎(swallow)), Proto-Indo-European *wannello-.

Compare Welsh gwennol ‎(swallow, martin), Cornish guennol, Breton gwenneli, French vanneau ‎(lapwing), Italian vannello, Medieval Latin vannellus, which is usually referred to as Latin vannus, fan. Proto-Indo-European *wat-n-allo-s. (Holden).[2]

From Old Irish ainnel ‎(swallow) (compare Old Irish fannall ‎(swallow))[1], with the diminutive suffix -ag.


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ainleag f ‎(genitive singular ainleige, plural ainleagan)[3]

  1. swallow, barn swallow (hirundo rustica)[4]

Derived terms[edit]


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