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  1. nominative neuter singular of aliēnus


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    • (ambiguous) to consider a thing beneath one's dignity: aliquid alienum (a) dignitate sua or merely a se ducere
    • (ambiguous) the expression is not in accordance with Latin usage: aliquid a consuetudine sermonis latini abhorret, alienum est
    • (ambiguous) to have an inclination for a thing: propensum, proclivem esse ad aliquid (opp. alienum, aversum esse, abhorrere ab aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to live on one's means: de suo (opp. alieno) vivere
    • (ambiguous) to incur debts: aes alienum (always in sing.) facere, contrahere
    • (ambiguous) to incur debts on a large scale: grande, magnum (opp. exiguum) aes alienum conflare
    • (ambiguous) to get into debt: incidere in aes alienum
    • (ambiguous) to be in debt: aes alienum habere
    • (ambiguous) to be in debt: in aere alieno esse
    • (ambiguous) to be deeply in debt: aere alieno obrutum, demersum esse
    • (ambiguous) to have pressing debts: aere alieno oppressum esse
    • (ambiguous) to pay one's debts: aes alienum dissolvere, exsolvere
    • (ambiguous) to get out of debt: ex aere alieno exire
    • (ambiguous) to get out of debt: aere alieno liberari