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altior (neuter altius); third declension

  1. higher
  2. deeper


Third declension, comparative variant

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
Nominative altior altius altiōrēs altiōra
Genitive altiōris altiōrum
Dative altiōrī altiōribus
Accusative altiōrem altius altiōrēs altiōra
Ablative altiōre altiōribus
Vocative altior altius altiōrēs altiōra


  • altior in Gaffiot, Félix (1934) Dictionnaire Illustré Latin-Français, Hachette
  • Carl Meissner; Henry William Auden (1894) Latin Phrase-Book[1], London: Macmillan and Co.
    • to study the commonplace: cogitationes in res humiles abicere (De Amic. 9. 32) (Opp. alte spectare, ad altiora tendere, altum, magnificum, divinum suspicere)
    • (ambiguous) a bombastic style: oratio altius exaggerata
    • (ambiguous) to take a higher tone (especially of poets and orators): exsurgere altius or incitatius ferri
    • (ambiguous) to go a long way back (in narrative): longe, alte (longius, altius) repetere (either absolute or ab aliqua re)