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Lule Sami[edit]


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  1. to get surprised, startled


Even a-stem, vv-v gradation
infinitive alvaduvvat
1st sing. present alvaduváv
1st sing. past alvaduvviv
infinitive alvaduvvat
present participle alvaduvˈve
past participle alvaduvvam
present indicative past indicative imperative
1st singular alvaduváv alvaduvviv
2nd singular alvaduvá alvaduvvi alvaduvá
3rd singular alvaduvvá alvaduváj alvaduvvis
1st dual alvaduvvin alvaduvájma alvaduvvon
2nd dual alvaduvvabihtte alvaduvájda alvaduvˈve
3rd dual alvaduvvaba alvaduvájga alvaduvviska
1st plural alvaduvvap alvaduvájma alvaduvvop
2nd plural alvaduvvabihtit alvaduvájda alvaduvvit
3rd plural alvaduvvi alvaduvvin alvaduvvisa
connegative alvaduvá alvaduvá
conditional potential optative
1st singular alvaduváluluv alvaduvátjav
2nd singular alvaduválulu alvaduvátja alvaduvvu
3rd singular alvaduváluluj alvaduvásj alvaduvvus
1st dual alvaduválulujma alvaduvátjin alvaduvvun
2nd dual alvaduválulujda alvaduvátjihppe alvaduvvuda
3rd dual alvaduválulujga alvaduvátjibá alvaduvvuska
1st plural alvaduválulujma alvaduvátjip alvaduvvup
2nd plural alvaduválulujda alvaduvátjihpit alvaduvvut
3rd plural alvaduválulun alvaduvátji alvaduvvusa
connegative alvaduválulu alvaduvátja alvaduvvu

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