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Alternative forms[edit]


Unknown. Perhaps from Latin Andromeda.[1] Attested since 1807. Compare Portuguese endrómina and Spanish andrómina.



andrómenas f pl

  1. wonder, marvel
    • 1820, anonymous, Tertulia na Quintana:
      Direiche. A mala costume eche Xûncras, e como estaban avezàdos á mandar as talejas cheas de pesos duros a Navarra, faser casas, granxîos, serrádas, e unhas endrómenas para serrar taboa con augua alò na Ulla, e outras partes; ajora, ¡miñas xôias! non lles chega pra nada.
      I will tell you: bad habits are Judas, and since they were used to send sacks full with pesos duros to Navarre, to build houses, farms, enclosures and some marvels for sawing boards with water there in the Ulla river and elsewhere, now, poor things, they have not nearly enough!
  2. shenanigans
  3. thingy
    • 1807, anonymous, Primeiro diálogo dos esterqueiros:
      en fin caixas, é caixòs,
      atacados de papeles
      é outras moitas endromenas
      que non sei como lle chaman.
      so, boxes and drawers
      packed with papers
      and many other thingies
      whose name I don't know
  4. phony person


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