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From antikva +‎ -eco.


  • IPA(key): [antikˈvet͡so]
  • Rhymes: -et͡so
  • Hyphenation: an‧tik‧ve‧co



antikveco (accusative singular antikvecon, plural antikvecoj, accusative plural antikvecojn)

  1. antiquity (the quality of being ancient)
    Min mirigis la granda antikveco de la konstruaĵo.
    I was amazed by the great antiquity of the building.
  2. antiquity (ancient times)
    Synonym: antikvo
    La urbo establiĝis en antikveco.
    The city was founded in antiquity.

Usage notes


The sense “ancient times” is given in the PIV and is widely attested in the literature, but is marked as evitinda (to be avoided) in the Reta Vortaro, no doubt because it does not correspond to the normal sense of the suffix -eco (state or quality).