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Old French[edit]



  1. (of two or more people) to know (something)
    • circa 1180,, Chrétien de Troyes, Perceval ou le conte du Graal:
      Sire, sachiez bien antreset
      que Galois sont tuit par nature
      plus fol que bestes an pasture
      cist est ausi con une beste.
      Sire, you know that we both know
      That the Welsh are all by their nature
      More insane than the beasts in the fields
      And this one is as stupid as a beast.


This verb conjugates as a third-group verb. This verb has a stressed present stem antresev distinct from the unstressed stem antresav, as well as other irregularities. Old French conjugation varies significantly by date and by region. The following conjugation should be treated as a guide.