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(swimsuit): An abbreviation of bathing costume.

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Particularly: “This does not explain the -ers.”



  1. plural of bather
  2. (Australia) A swimsuit; a bathing costume.
    • 2001, Laurene Kelly, The Crowded Beach[1], page 10:
      The bathers they wore looked sort of the same as now, but their hair was really different.
    • 2008, Lyn Aldred, Neptune's Fingers[2], page 10:
      No one here wore bathers. Both boys wore their homemade underpants, the brand name, ‘Sydney Flour’, emblazoned across the back, as old flour bags were not wasted, but recycled.
    • 2009, Jacqueline Ann Wharton, Freedom Through Adversity: Ten Steps to Overcoming a Troubled Mind[3], page 69:
      I was looking at a pair of bathers to buy and talking about the life of the bathers and how to extend their life.


(swimsuit): budgie smugglers, cozzie, Speedos