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Alternative forms[edit]


From beautiful +‎ -est.


beautifulest (not comparable)

  1. (dated) Most beautiful; more beautiful than anyone or anything else.
    • 1857, Benjamin Franklin Tefft, The shoulder-knot; or, Sketches of the three-fold life of man: A story of the seventeenth century, Harper &d Brothers, p. 175-6:
      ...and thy dear Baby Charles, as chance had ordered, had a fair sight of the beautifulest of princesses, Henrietta Maria, sister to the king...
    • 1922, Charles N. Lurie, How to say it: helpful hints on English, G.P. Putnam's sons, p. 23:
      "I saw the beautifulest dress displayed in the window; the color was one of the delicatest blues I ever saw."
    • 1970, Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm and Paul Dennis Sporer, Half a Century, Anza Publishing, p. 34:
      They were the beautifulest boys I ever laid eyes on, and uncle sot great store by them.