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  • Rhymes: -o

Etymology 1[edit]

Of Unknown origin. Suggestions have included Proto-Indo-European *bekione ‎(double, partner), Latin *bissōne ‎(double), and a pre-Roman *bikione related to the Basque terms biki ‎(twin), biko ‎(pair), and bikun ‎(double). Compare also Occitan besson, from the same Old Provençal root.


una cirera bessona
a conjoined cherry

bessó m ‎(feminine bessona, masculine plural bessons, feminine plural bessones)

  1. twin
  2. (botany) Relating to conjoined fruits that are usually separate.
Derived terms[edit]


bessó m ‎(plural bessons, feminine bessona)

  1. twin

Etymology 2[edit]

Probably from a semantic variation of ametlla bessona ‎(conjoined almond).


bessó m ‎(plural bessons)

  1. The meat of a nut; especially an almond.
  2. The meat of a fruit or vegetable.
  3. Bone marrow.
  4. The meat or essence of something.