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biniou +‎ -x



  1. plural of biniou
    • 1958, European Review VIII–X, page 43/1:
      It is pleasant, if a little surprising at first, to the Scotsmen in the fleet to hear at Gibraltar the bagpipes or binioux as they are known in France being played tunefully by Breton seamen from the French ships.
    • 1990, Don Bailey and Daile Unruh (editors), Canadian Christmas Stories: In Prose & Verse, Quarry Press, page 54:
      In Brittany the boys and girls danced the bourrèe and the cariole to the sound of the binioux, which is something like the bagpipes that the Scotch play in their misty hills.
    • 2000 May 6th, “Sue Quick” (username), “Re: sonneurs de cornemuses” in, Usenet:
      There should be some kind of (international) law against this. They play Scottish bagpipes, Breton binioux (that’s like a less tamed version of the Egyptian howlpipes) and drums.