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  1. plural of boardie
  2. (Australia, New Zealand) Boardshorts.
    • 2009, Paul Daley, Beersheba: A Journey Through Australia's Forgotten War[1], page 313:
      I find them a curiously confronting sight, dressed in thongs, boardies and Victoria Bitter singlets, and shrouded in Australian flags.
    • 2010, Shannon Meadows, Road Wench - It's A Tour, Not A Holiday, unnumbered page,
      Sadly he was later parted from his beloved leopard print boardies when he left them drying on his tent in Rome, and a bypasser took off with them. More sadly that meant that someone else out there also thought that leopard print boardies were a ‘must have’ fashion item.
    • 2010, Matt Preston, A Pilgrimage to El Bulli, in Don George, Janet Austin (editors), A Moveable Feast, Lonely Planet, page 121,
      Every so often families in bikinis, boardies and sarongs traipse past on their way back from the beach and look in.