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  • According to Gaffiot and Georges this word is an interjection, while L&S do not explicitly name the part of speech and while here it's called "Noun".
  • If butabatta is a noun and if no inflected forms are known, then what is "butubatta"? If it is feminine nominative singular or neuter nominative/accusative/vocative plural, then at least one form is known. If no form is known, how does one know that it is a noun and that it is plural?".
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Compare Ancient Greek βατταλογέω (battalogéō)



butubatta (plural only)

  1. trifles, worthless things
    • Sexti Pomei Festi De verborum significatione quae supersunt cum Pauli epitome. Emendata et annotata a Carolo Odofredo Muellero. Anno MDCCCXXXIX (1839), p. 36:
      Butubatta  Naevius pro nugatoriis posuit, hoc est, nullius dignationis.
    • Flavius Sosipater Charisius:
      Butubatta. Hoc Plautus pro nihilo et pro nugis posuit, ut in glossis veterum.


No inflected forms are known from Classical sources.



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