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  1. Pronunciation spelling of boys.
    • 1898, Eden Phillpotts, Children of the Mist[1]:
      "Now, you bwoys, give awver runnin' 'bout like rabbits," cried out Mr. Chapple.
    • 1902, M.E. Francis (Mrs. Francis Blundell), North, South and Over the Sea[2]:
      Lard ha' mercy me, ye could ha' knocked I down wi' a feather when Keeper told I--" "A-h-h-h, them bwoys o' Chaffey's has been poachin' again I d' 'low," interrupted Mrs. Haskell eagerly.
    • 1903, William Barnes, Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect[3]:
      They went up leaene an hour agoo; An' at the green the young and wold Do stan' so thick as sheep in vwold: The men do laugh, the bwoys do shout,-- Come out you mwopen wench, come out, An' go wi' me, an' show at leaest Bright eyes an' smiles at Woodcom' feaest.