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Alternative forms[edit]



  1. plural of conundrum
    • 1992, Steve Chan and Cal Clark, Flexibility, Foresight, and Fortuna in Taiwan's Development, Routledge, ISBN 0415075963, page 11,
      We present below the major policy paradoxes or conundra indicated by such research and theorizing.
    • 2000, Willem A. DeVries and Timm Triplett Knowledge, Mind, and the Given, Hackett Publishing ISBN 0872205509, page xlv,
      Indeed, in the Cartesian view, the inability to draw an appropriate connection between the mental and the physical results in both metaphysical and epistemological conundra: the mind-body problem, the problem of knowledge of the external world, and the problem of other minds.
    • 2007, Ned Block, Consciousness, Function, and Representation, MIT Press, ISBN 0262026031, page 218,
      Rey is worried about conundra involving epiphenomenalism, zombies and such, and to avoid them he wants to reduce phenomenal consciousness to the computational.