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Alternative forms[edit]



  1. plural of conundrum
    • 1992, Steve Chan and Cal Clark, Flexibility, Foresight, and Fortuna in Taiwan's Development, Routledge, →ISBN, page 11,
      We present below the major policy paradoxes or conundra indicated by such research and theorizing.
    • 2000, Willem A. DeVries and Timm Triplett Knowledge, Mind, and the Given, Hackett Publishing →ISBN, page xlv,
      Indeed, in the Cartesian view, the inability to draw an appropriate connection between the mental and the physical results in both metaphysical and epistemological conundra: the mind-body problem, the problem of knowledge of the external world, and the problem of other minds.
    • 2007, Ned Block, Consciousness, Function, and Representation, MIT Press, →ISBN, page 218,
      Rey is worried about conundra involving epiphenomenalism, zombies and such, and to avoid them he wants to reduce phenomenal consciousness to the computational.