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From Latin corneae, plural of cornea.



  1. plural of cornea
    • 1969, P. P. H. Alkemade, Dysgenesis Mesodermalis of the Iris and the Cornea: A Study of Rieger’s Syndrome and Peter’s Anomaly, page 119:
      In the lateral view (fig. 26) the corneae seemed very flat, their convexity not exceeding that of the bulbi (cornea plana?);
    • 1981, R. Sundmacher; D. Neumann-Haefelin; A. Mattes; K. Cantell, “Connatal Monosymptomatic Corneal Endotheliitis by Cytomegalovirus”, in Herpetic Eye Diseases, J.F. Bergmann Verlag, →ISBN, page 501:
      The corneae were swollen without major infiltrates similar to longstanding disciform edema.
    • 1983, A. Loffredo; G. Cennamo; A. De Lellis; A. Sammartino; A. Del Prete, “Echographic Pattern Evaluation of Eyes with Choroid Melanoma for Corneal Graft Utilization”, in Jeffrey S. Hillman and Malcolm M. Le May, editors, Ophthalmic Ultrasonography: Proceedings of the 9th SIDUO Congress, Leeds, U.K. July 20-23, 1982, Dr W. Junk Publishers, Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, →ISBN, page 43:
      It is well known that in clinical practice the corneae from eyes enucleated for malignant melanoma of posterior choroid are usually utilized for corneal grafting. This research refers to cases of posterior melanomas which extended anteriorly, in which the utilization of the corneae for grafting was doubtful.




  1. inflection of corneus:
    1. nominative/vocative feminine plural
    2. genitive/dative feminine singular