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  1. (archaic or poetic) plural of dew
    • 1837 January 7, Colonel Sykes, “The British Assocation. Seventh Meeting: Liverpool”, in The Literary gazette and journal of the belles lettres, arts, sciences, &c[1], number 1042, W.A. Scripps, page 606:
      This is followed by a deluge of rain for an hour or two. Dews are very copious,– fogs little known. The climate is very salubrious.
    • 1844, Charles Augustus Murray, The Prarie-Bird[2], volume 3, published 2009, ISBN 9781113872135, page 10:
      “The trail is fresh,” continued the chief; “not more than two dews have fallen on the prints of foot and hoof”

Usage notes[edit]

Although a countable sense of dew is still used, the plural form is no longer in common usage.