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  1. (dialectal) simple past tense and past participle of draw
    • 1839, Charles Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby[1]:
      He was the cruellest, wickedest, out-and-outerest old flint that ever drawed breath.'
    • 1882, Louisa M. Alcott, Kitty's Class Day And Other Stories[2]:
      I jest bounced intew the kitchen, chucked my hat intew one corner, my coat intew 'nother, kicked the cat, cussed the fire, drawed up a chair, and set scaoulin' like sixty, bein' tew mad fer talkin'.
    • 1915, Zane Grey, The Lone Star Ranger[3]:
      He was watchin' of you close, he said, an' just couldn't follow your hand when you drawed.