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  1. Nonstandard spelling of dreamt.
    • 1872, William James, letter to Henry James, August 24, William and Henry James: Selected Letters edition, page 79:
      I expect to find her on her return sprung into full possession & exercise of faculties of mind and I trust heart, hitherto undreamt of by any of us, & only drempt of by herself.
    • 1935, Jack Conroy, Jack Salzman, David Ray, editor, The Jack Conroy Reader[1], Ayer Publishing, published 1979, ISBN 9780891021162, page 59:
      I drempt I was wound round tight as drum, hand and foot, with morning glory vines, and they was chokin' my neck same as they do the corn. I drempt I had cockleburrs stuck in my hair like a pincushion ...
    • 1939, William Faulkner, If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem: The Wild Palms, page 179:
      "Undoubtless," the woman said. "It's all a mistake. You'll get back to the hotel or wherever it is and find you just drempt your wife was knocked up or even that you had a wife."