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  1. simple past tense and past participle of entitule
    • 1790, George Washington, Patent letter X000001
      These are therefore in pursuance of the Act, entituled “An Act to promote the Progreſs of useful Arts” […]
    • 1714, Bp George Bull, Some Important Points of Primitive Chriſtianity Maintained and Defended (2nd ed.), volume III, discourse IV: “The Conſubſtantiality Coeternity the Son of God with God the Father, Aſſerted; or ſome few Animadverſions on a Treatiſe of Mr. Gilbert Clerke, entituled Anteniceniſmus, ſo far as the ſaid Author pretends to anſwer Dr. George Bull's Defenſe of the Nicene Faith, &c.”, page 915