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epistula f (genitive epistulae); first declension

  1. Alternative form of epistola


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative epistula epistulae
Genitive epistulae epistulārum
Dative epistulae epistulīs
Accusative epistulam epistulās
Ablative epistulā epistulīs
Vocative epistula epistulae


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    • to write a letter to some one: epistulam (litteras) dare, scribere, mittere ad aliquem
    • a letter to Atticus: epistula ad Atticum data, scripta, missa or quae ad A. scripta est
    • to charge some one with a letter for some one else: epistulam dare alicui ad aliquem
    • to deliver a letter to some one (used of the messenger): epistulam reddere alicui (Att. 5. 21. 4)
    • correspondence: epistularum commercium
    • to seal, fasten a letter: epistulam signare, obsignare
    • to open a letter: epistulam solvere, aperire, resignare (of Romans also linum incīdere)
    • to intercept a letter: epistulam intercipere (Att. 1. 13. 2)
    • to take forcible possession of a letter: epistulam deprehendere