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  1. present passive infinitive of findō

Middle English[edit]


Old English findig (capable).



  1. capable of understanding; apt, effective
    ... and giue us swo findige speche þat þe fewe word þe we on ure bede seien be cuðe alle halegen. — Trinity Homilies, 1225
    (... and give us such apt speech that the few words that we say in our prayers be worthy to the All Holy.)
  2. capable, able,
    Forr Crist iss strang & stedefasst & findiᵹ & unnfakenn Till alle þa þatt lufenn himm. — The Ormulum, 1200
    (For Christ is strong & stedfast & able & trustworthy to all that love him.)
  3. suitable, proper, right for a certain purpose.
    Þa lakesst tu þin Drihhtin swa Gastlike..Wiþþ þerrflinng bræd..Wiþþ fasst & findiᵹ laf & harrd. — The Ormulum, 1200
    (Thou worshipest to thy Lord so devoutly ... with strong and right praise and vigorously.)