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  1. plural of guessing
    • 1846, George Luxford, Edward Newman, The Phytologist: a popular botanical miscellany: Volume 2, Part 2, page 474
      It was aptly said by Newton that "whatever is not deduced from facts must be regarded as hypothesis," but hypothesis appears to us a title too honourable for the crude guessings to which we allude.
    • 1899, The Contemporary review: Volume 75, page 63
      These guessings of ours, for they are more than half guessings, may throw a glimmer of light on the mystery of doll selection.
    • 1924, Chinese Social and Political Science Association, Peking, The Chinese social and political science review: Volume 8, link
      Column II gives the frequency of correct guessings.
    • 1993, Richard Harland, Beyond superstructuralism: the syntagmatic side of language[1], page 117:
      When Grice first proposed such interpersonal guessings in 'Logic and Conversation', he brought them into play