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From Middle Low German hōpen (to hope).


  • IPA(key): /hɔːbə/, [ˈhɔːb̥ə]


håbe (imperative håb, infinitive at håbe, present tense håber, past tense håbede, perfect tense har håbet)

  1. to hope

Usage notes[edit]

When used negatively, and the thing that is hoped against is expressed in a subclause, the ikke is usually placed such that, formally, it modifies the verb håbe, rather than the thing that is hoped against (which is what it semantically modifies). Thus, for example, "I hope we haven't offended them" would become "jeg håber ikke, vi har fornærmet dem" (strictly: "I do not hope we have offended them") more often than "jeg håber, vi ikke har fornærmet dem".