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  1. (nonstandard) plural of heavy
    • 1918, The Valve World - Volumes 15-16, page 159:
      Of course the fellows in the light tanks think their brand is the best, and we know the heavys are best.
    • 1972, Analog Science Fiction/science Fact - Volume 88, Issue 4, page 101:
      Momentarily frozen in front of him were two heavys, carrying chains.
    • 1983, American Peanut Research and Education Society, Proceedings of American Peanut Research and Education Society, Inc:
      To separate all sticks and light foreign material in the light portion requires two aspiration stages to provide a satisfactory ratio of heavys to lights.
    • 2000, Alfred Shands, Border crossing: connecting the secular and the sacred, →ISBN, page 83:
      Somebody let the heavys know what's going on.
    • 2015, Rich Jones, Connect: The Mason Chronicles, →ISBN:
      Finally one of the heavys leaned around the rock and gave him a quick thumbs up.