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  1. Alternative form of hummina
    • 1993, Sonic the Hedgehog (4-issue miniseries) #3, Archie Comics
      Robotnik: If you are a true robot, you will obey! Now tell me the location of Knotville Village at once!
      Buzz Bomber: He's stalling, master!
      Sonic the Hedgehog: [pretending to be a robot] Homina-homina-homina...
    • 2009, Tiffany Guthrie, Book: The Lakeside Series, →ISBN, page 460:
      I was pretty sure the sounds homina, homina wasn't going to translate into "Hey, let's go get some lunch."
    • 2011, K. Dawn Goodwin, Until He Comes: A Good Girl's Quest to Get Some Heaven on Earth, →ISBN:
      Homina-homina-homina-homina,” I hummed, trying not to appear scared shitless.
    • 2014, Richard Posner, Goodnight, Cinderella, →ISBN, page 24:
      Then again, she would have said "You're crazy," even if I'd said "Homina homina homina homina," so there's no proof.

Usage notes[edit]