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honest +‎ -er



  1. comparative form of honest: more honest
    • 1598, Shakespeare, William, Much adoe about Nothing, Act III, scene 5, line 1606:
      Yes, I thank God I am as honest as any man living that is an old man and no honester than I.
    • 1624, Smith, John, The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles[1], page 111:
      Vpon the verge of the Riuer there are fiue houses, wherein liue the honester sort of people, as Farmers in England, and they keepe continuall centinell for the townes securitie.
    • 1842, W.C., “‘You will injure our cause.’”, in The Oracle of Reason, Or, Philosophy Vindicated, volume 1, number 31, page 254:
      “You will hurt our cause!” has been the selfish, cowardly cry of all pseudo reformers, looking for the countenance and support of wealth and respectability, when honester men, guided by a love of principle alone, have stepped to the front, and asked no man to help them, but he who felt like themselves.





  1. first-person singular present passive subjunctive of honestō