horae pars sexagesima

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From hōra (hour) + pars (part) + sexāgēsimus (sixtieth); literally "sixtieth part of an hour"


  • (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈhoː.rae̯ pars sek.saːˈɡeː.si.ma/, [ˈhoː.rae̯ pars sɛk.saːˈɡeː.sɪ.ma]


hōrae pars sexāgēsima f (genitive hōrae partis sexāgēsimae); third declension

  1. minute (unit of time)

Usage notes[edit]

  • This term appears in later Latin, after the establishment of measured time.


Third declension, alternative accusative singular in -im, alternative ablative singular in and accusative plural in -īs.
First/second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative hōrae pars sexāgēsima hōrae partēs sexāgēsimae
genitive hōrae partis sexāgēsimae hōrae partium sexāgēsimārum
dative hōrae partī sexāgēsimae hōrae partibus sexāgēsimīs
accusative hōrae partem sexāgēsimam
hōrae partim sexāgēsimam
hōrae partēs sexāgēsimās
hōrae partīs sexāgēsimās
ablative hōrae parte sexāgēsimā
hōrae partī sexāgēsimā
hōrae partibus sexāgēsimīs
vocative hōrae pars sexāgēsima hōrae partēs sexāgēsimae