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Alternative forms[edit]


īdōlolatra f (genitive īdōlolatrae); first declension

  1. Alternative form of īdōlolatrēs ("idol worshipper", "idolater").
    • 1844-1855, Hieronymus Stridonensis, Jacques-Paul Migne ed., Patrologia Latina, volume 23, page 175
      quid credidit? certe aut tria nomina audiens, tres deos credidit, et idololatra eſſectus est; aut in tribus vocabulis trinominem credens Deum, in Sabellii hæresim incurrit.
      "What did he believe? Certainly, either hearing three names, he believed that there were three Gods, and so became an idolater; or, believing that the three words were three names of one God, he fell into Sabellianism."


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative īdōlolatra īdōlolatrae
genitive īdōlolatrae īdōlolatrārum
dative īdōlolatrae īdōlolatrīs
accusative īdōlolatram īdōlolatrās
ablative īdōlolatrā īdōlolatrīs
vocative īdōlolatra īdōlolatrae



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