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From Latin imprimantur (let them be printed), third-person plural present subjunctive passive form of imprimere (to print).




  1. (rare) plural of imprimatur
    • 1738: John Bancks, The Author’s Picture. A fourth Epistle to Mr. Pope., 14th verse, lines 7–12
      Then thus we sum up our affairs:
      That, notwithstanding former airs,
      The most I seriously would hope,
      Is, just to read the words, A Pope,
      Writ, without sneer, or shew of banter,
      Beneath your friendly Imprimantur.
    • ? (1799–1833): J. Souter et alii, The London Medical and Physical Journal, p381
      …among other pleasing circumstances, let our constant correspondent the indefatigable Mr. Ring, derive an unmixed gratification from learning that his writings, together with those of the Society in which he incessantly labours, receive the imprimantur of the Physician General at Madras.
    • 1836: William Cowper & Robert Southey, The Works of William Cowper, Esq., Comprising His Poems, Correspondence and Translations. With a Life of the Author, p38
      You are perfectly at liberty to deal with them as you please. Auctore tantum anonymo, imprimantur; and when printed, send me a copy41.
    • 1891: Robert Williams Buchanan, The Coming Terror and Other Essays and Letters, p108
      …any literature touching upon it is to be condignly abolished Imprimantur, the revised New Testament, the ‘Lamplighter’, and the tracts of Christian knowledge.
    • 2005: William Cowper, The Works of William Cowper: His Life, Letters and Poems, p140
      imprimantur; and when printed but for half an hour, yet, without boasting…




  1. third-person plural present passive subjunctive of imprimō