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irkut (plural case of irkku)

  1. (colloquial) Irish people, Gaels.
    • Koulussamme vierailleet irkut ihmettelivät joitain suomalaisia tapoja.
      • The Irish people who visited our school, wondered some Finnish habits.
  2. (colloquial) Ireland (seldom used in plain form)
    • Menin pariksi viikoksi irkkuihin (illative case) ja seikkalin Gaeltachteissakin.
      • I traveled to Ireland for a couple weeks and even got to adventure in the Gaeltachts.
    • Toin irkuista (elative case) pullon viskiä.
      • I brought a bottle of whiskey from Ireland.
  3. (computing slang) IRQ's
    • Näyttökortin ja verkkokortin irkut ovat ristiriidassa.
      • The display and network adapter have an IRQ conflict.

Usage notes[edit]

Using the word to discuss Ireland or a group of Irish people (while they are within earshot) could be considered impolite, and the use is rather restricted to "finn-2-finn" talk.

Irlanti is the correct Finnish name for Ireland, and the word irkut in this case does not need to be capitalized. It works the same way as jenkit for the USA.