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jȁdōvan (Cyrillic spelling ја̏до̄ван)

  1. miserable, pathetic
    • 1536, Petar Zoranić, Planine:
      jak ma ličca moči
      jadovna čemerna suza prez pristanka.
      And her face being consentlessly soak'd by
      a wretched and sorrowful tear.
    • late 16C, Dinko Ranjina, Jednomu ki ništo ne učini a tuđe sve huli:
      Jadovni zleče moj, zavidos s kim bjesni,
      Za zle prem tolikoj ne scijeni me pjesni.
      Oh you my wretched foe, who do with envy rage,
      so great a wrath as yours my poems to not deserve.


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