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Old Swedish läghil, from Latin Latin lagena, from Ancient Greek λάγῡνος (lágūnos). Compare Medieval Latin lagula, lagella.

The first official Swedish Bible translation of 1541 used this word in 1 Samuel 16:20, where KJV has "a bottle of wine". The now famous use from Matthew 9:17 (new wine into old wineskins) stems from a Swedish bible translation of 1853, where older translations had "(läder)flaskor" (bottles or leather bottles).


lägel c

  1. a container for transportation of liquids, e.g. a wooden barrel or a ceramic flagon
  2. a wineskin
    nytt vin i gamla läglar
    new wine into old wineskins


Declension of lägel 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative lägel lägeln läglar läglarna
Genitive lägels lägelns läglars läglarnas