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  1. comparative degree of late
    • 7th c., Isidore of Seville, Etymologiae
      Latīnās autem linguās quattuor esse quīdam dīxērunt, id est prīscam, latīnam, rōmānam, mixtam. [...] Mixta, quae post imperium lātius prōmōtum semel cum mōribus et hominibus in cīuitātem rōmānam inrūpit, integritātem uerbī per barbarismōs et soloecismōs corrumpēns. - Some, however, say that there are four Latin languages: Ancient, Latin, Roman and Mixed. [...] Mixed [Latin], which, after the Empire expanded more extensively, intruded the Roman civilization along with [new] customs and people, corrupting words' integrity with barbarisms and solecisms.


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    • the word has a more extended signification: vocabulum latius patet